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Why do we do what we do?

Ever since the foundation, we have a clear goal in mind. To contribute to the improvement of work-friendly conditions. We do this by developing innovative tools and machines. The extensive "range" SHERPA mini loaders and tool carriers are the successful proof. SHERPA makes a difference. Every day again. Making heavy work easier, lighter, faster and cleaner.


During the very first start of SHERPA mini loaders, the business activities initially consisted of trading of work-friendly tools. However, the development of a mechanical curb coupler, coupled with a mini loader, soon began. For this purpose, the 'Eimert Sinoo' prize was awarded by Bouw- en houtbond. An incentive award for organizations that take groundbreaking developments to improve working conditions.


The innovative character of SHERPA is anchored in the corporate DNA. Where it could be better, it will be better. And where opportunities are seen for new applications, solutions are being devised. A current example of this is the development of the fully electric SHERPA that does not produce exhaust gases and is used successfully for work in enclosed spaces.

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