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About SHERPA attachments


A SHERPA miniloader is known for its strength, ease-of-use and versatility. With the right add-on parts it just goes the extra mile. Whether it is about a brick clamp, roller sweeper, demolition hammer or mower deck. With the right add-on parts you turn your SHERPA into a powerful all-rounder.

The right attachment for the right job

Good tools are half the battle. A saying that also applies for the SHERPA add-on parts and accessories.
At SHERPA miniloaders we have a great number of add-on parts and accessories available for the different SHERPA miniloaders. In the selection window you can indicate for which type SHERPA miniloader you are trying to find an add-on part.

Ask us!

A machine does not always meet the client’s wishes. Therefore, SHERPA mini-loaders offers the opportunity to produce machines client-specifically. With our own division for innovation, knowledge and years of experience, we are capable of offering a solution to any issue!
Work smarter, not harder!

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