SHERPA mini-loaders BV attaches great value to the protection of your personal details. In this Privacy policy we wish to provide clear and transparent information about how we handle personal details.

We will do anything to safeguard your privacy and that is why we handle personal details with great care. In all instances SHERPA mini-loaders BV adheres to the applicable laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation. This means that at any rate, we:

Process your personal details in accordance with the purpose for which they were collected, these objectives and types of personal details are described in this Privacy policy;

As SHERPA mini-loaders BV, we are responsible for the processing of your personal details. If, after going through our Privacy policy, or to a more general extent, you have any questions about this, or wish to contact us, this can be done using the contact details at the bottom of this document.


We would like to point out that the personal details you provide us with will be collected and used, because this is necessary to conclude and implement a possible agreement with you. This goes for our (potential) clients as well as for parties that we buy products and/or services from.

Are you a (potential) client of ours, then we will use your details to be able to send you a quotation, to be able to determine which specifications or wishes a certain case or service should comply with, to be able to deliver services or to implement activities for you, to be able to invoice and quickly and efficiently communicate with you about the implementation aspects of the agreement.

Are you a (potential) supplier or other contractor, then your personal details are also required for the conclusion and implementation of the agreement. In case of procurement, this is necessary to be able to inform you which specifications or wishes a certain matter or service should comply with, as far as we are concerned, to be able to send a quotation-request or place an order with you, to be able to pay your invoices and quickly and efficiently communicate with you with regard to other aspects of the agreement.

You are not obliged to provide your personal details to us. If you provide no or insufficient personal details to us, it may however be so that we cannot perform the aforementioned work activities.


Personal details of employees are required to be used for the execution of rights and duties in terms of employment rights and the social security contributions (e.g. social security law and taxes).


The details you provide us with could be passed on to third parties if this is necessary for the execution of the purposes set out above.

In connection with the execution of any agreement with you, it is possible that we need to provide your personal details to parties that supply us with parts, materials and products or perform work activities as ordered by us. These could include transport companies like GLS and Mainfreight.

We also make use of third parties for:

We will never pass on any personal details to other parties with whom we have not concluded a processing agreement. We will obviously make certain arrangements with these parties (processors), to be able to guarantee the protection of your personal details. Additionally, we will not provide the details you submitted to us to other parties, unless this is required by law and is permitted. An example of this is the police asking us for (personal) details as part of an investigation. In such an instance, we need to cooperate and will thus be obliged to present these details. We may also share personal details with third parties after your written permission.

We do not provide personal details to parties that are based outside the EU.

We only process personal details of minors (persons below the age of 16 years old) if written permission was given by the parent, the guardian or legal representative.

SHERPA mini-loaders BV will retain personal details no longer than necessary for the purpose for which they were provided, or as dictated by law.

We have taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal details against unlawful processing, for instance consisting of the following;

You are entitled to access, rectification or removal of the personal details that we received from you. Also, you can object to the processing of your personal details (or parts thereof) by us, or by one of our processors. You also have the right to have the details you provided us with transferred to yourself or directly to a different party. We can ask you to identify yourself before complying with aforementioned requests.

If you allowed us to process your personal details on the basis of previously given permission, then you will always have the right to withdraw that permission.

Should you have a complaint about the processing of your personal details, then we ask you to contact us about this. Should we not be able to solve this together, then of course that would be very disappointing. You always have the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority, this is the supervisory authority in the area of privacy protection.

If, in response to our Privacy Statement, you still have questions or remarks, please contact us!


Our extensive GDPR statement can be read via the link below.

SHERPA mini-loaders BV
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Published on 15-05-2018

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