What determines the quality of a SHERPA?

SHERPA miniloader stenenklem kniklader articulated loader

100% power

Every SHERPA miniloader was developed from the desire to combine compactness with agility and power. No other compact miniloader delivers effective power like SHERPA does. Lighten the load!

Bedieningsgemak sherpa miniloader schranklader manege stallen uitmesten

100% ease of use

Working with a SHERPA miniloader is safe and labour-friendly in every way. The well thought out operation makes a SHERPA miniloader accurately controllable in any situation. Lighten the load!

SHERPA miniloader veelzijdig - bomengrijper skidster

100% versatile

At the construction site. In the stable. In the garden or park. A SHERPA miniloader is capable in any situation. Thanks to a complete range of add-on equipment and accessories, every SHERPA miniloader allows for unprecedented versatility. Lighten the load!

Z10 miniloader schranklader SHERPA skidster

100% durable

Every SHERPA miniloader consists of the best materials and parts. And even during production- and assembly, the strictest standards are observed. The guarantee for many years of care-free work pleasure. Lighten the load!

100% profitable

From the first moment that a SHERPA mini-loader is applied, the advantages become obvious. The quality of the work improves, the working conditions become lighter and productivity increases. Lighten the load!

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