Get to know our team – meet Jur!

1 September 2022

Interns at SHERPA do a lot more than just providing coffee. Although we all admire a tasteful cup every now and then, our interns are always important links in the organization. And sometimes they turn out to be such pleasant colleagues, we can’t do without them anymore. As was the case with Jur, who started his internship at our sales department in February. He conducted thorough research and fitted the team perfectly, so we asked him to stay. Jur now works fulltime as Junior Sales Manager Export, so we figured it was time to put him in the spotlight!

Hey Jur! Could you briefly tell us who you are and what you do?

I’m Jur Maas, 23 years old. Born and raised in Nistelrode, where the headquarters of SHERPA mini-loaders are located too. Past February I started my internship at the sales department and as of today I’m working as Junior Sales Manager Export. I focused on export during my internship too, so my new job is perfectly in line with that!

When did you start working here and what did you learn so far?

In June I was told I successfully completed my internship. Which was important, because it meant I officially passed my programme Commercial Economics at Avans in Den Bosch. I started working here immediately after, so I’m still learning a lot. Especially in the area of Business Development, since I worked out all opportunities for SHERPA to grow on the French market during my internship.

What do you like most about working at SHERPA mini-loaders?

The atmosphere! That’s because it’s very pleasant and personal. We all work hard, but are laughing just as hard. SHERPA is a real family business and there is a strong team spirit. Everyone is happy to take an extra step for each other. If I need help with anything, someone is always ready to offer it. That’s why I’m always excited to get to work!

What do you want to accomplish in the future here?

I’m hoping to boost the sales of our machine abroad even more by finding new partners in yet unoccupied countries. In order to do so, I want to develop myself more in the areas of account management and business development. The ultimate goal is of course to leave out the junior part of my position at SHERPA!

Which event at SHERPA has stuck with you the most?

Unlike many of my colleagues, I haven’t been working at SHERPA for that long. Yet there are two events that have really stayed with me. At the beginning of my internship I was allowed to join a professional fair. I had visited fairs before, but it was great to experience it as an exhibitioner! I also really liked it when Brokk France came to visit. I was allowed to join the team for both days and offered support where it was necessary. Safe to say I’m looking forward to many more of such experiences!

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