Get to know our team – meet Daan!

16 June 2022

A familiar face for many of our Dutch customers: Daan Kling! This awesome guy has been working at SHERPA mini-loaders for almost fifteen years and may now proudly call himself sales manager of the Netherlands. This position, however, does not keep him from demonstrating our machines and model for our social media accounts. Daan started in our workshop and therefore knows everything about our tools and machines. Read along to find out how he made it from the workshop to our management!

Hey Daan! Could you briefly tell us who you are and what you do?

I’m Daan Kling, 31 years old. Born and raised in Nistelrode, where also the headquarters of SHERPA mini-loaders are located. I just became a father, so I’m spending most of my free time changing diapers and doing other daddy stuff these days. I also like to run a lot and on Sundays you’ll usually find me in the goal on the soccer field.

When did you start working here and what did you learn so far?

In June 2007. I worked in road construction then, but in the winter months I assisted in the workshop of SHERPA. Since I quickly turned into a valuable team member, I started working there fulltime. After some time I began to support the sales department by demonstrating our machines and promote them on events. That’s where I stayed an I’m currently working as sales manager of the Netherlands.

What do you like most about working at SHERPA mini-loaders?

There is a strong feeling of togetherness and belonging in our organization. The corporate culture is pretty flat, so the management and rest of the employees work quite closely together. We have short lines, which is appreciated by both our staff and our customers. SHERPA feels familiar to me and I’m still happy to go to work every day!

What do you want to accomplish in the future here?

I hope to increase and expand our Dutch market share. If we keep innovating and listen to what the market demands, we will be able to offer more and more total solutions to our customers. By doing so, I hope we can contribute to labour friendly circumstances in every relevant sector.

Which event at SHERPA has stuck with you the most?

Too many to mention! Definitely the fun party weekend and the 25th anniversary of SHERPA mini-loaders. In addition, events and fairs always boost our drive to keep doing what we do. A good example of that is the development of the new Z-series, of which we are all extremely proud!

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