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Our SHERPA 100 2Speed is a true evolution of the SHERPA 100 ECO. After the SHERPA 100 ECO turned the world of construction and demolition upside down, we reviewed the existing concept and incorporated the wishes of the user into 2Speed. As the name suggests, this machine has 2 speeds. Slowly with more power; to maneuver and work and a second gear to cover longer distances with a higher speed. Thanks to the ingenious design with 2 hydraulic pumps of which the switch can be operated while driving, it is a real pleasure to work with this machine. As with the SHERPA 100 ECO, a 6-hour labor commitment has remained the standard. The SHERPA 100 2Speed is equipped with 5 ”full rubber wheels as standard.
SHERPA 100 Agri
The SHERPA 100 Agri-Line was developed with the agricultural sector in mind. This versatile compact machine is extremely maneuverable and can be used for various tasks. Riding schools, cowsheds and chicken farmers can use this multifunctional machine for many different jobs like mucking out their stables and supplying straw or fodder.
SHERPA 100 Benzine
This version of the SHERPA 100 skid loader stands out! This machine is standard with a Honda GX630 21 HP petrol engine. The components used on this mini loader stand for quality and ensure better performance during your work.
SHERPA 100 diesel
The SHERPA 100 Diesel skid steer loader is a compact earth-moving machine and a mobile hydraulic powerhouse. The use of hydraulics for locomotion, lifting and many other functions makes this a very versatile and manoeuvrable machine that is easy to use and maintain.
SHERPA 100 eco
Hanenberg Materieel Ltd. was the first manufacturer to introduce an electric mini skid-steer: the SHERPA 100 ECO. The SHERPA 100 ECO is just as powerful as the model with the combustion engine and is particularly suitable for indoor demolition work and work in stables.
SHERPA 100 ehd
The SHERPA 100 EHD features all the features that make the SHERPA 100 ECO so unique. In addition to the revolutionary electric motor, the SHERPA 100 EHD offers radio control. This can be done in hard-to-reach areas and is optimally fulfilled to ensure security for professionals. The radio control can also be attached to the SHERPA 100 EHD, allowing you to work in the same way as a 'normal' SHERPA 100 mini loader.
Sherpa 100 smal
The compact SHERPA 100 Narrow skid steer does work in tight spots that usually needs to be done manually, like loading and unloading material, filling and excavating. Now you can really take the strain off your back and let the SHERPA 100 mini skidsteer do the heavy work for you.
The SHERPA 150 is the smallest professional mini loader on the market. Its narrow width of just 76 cm makes this model the perfect tool for gardeners, who often have to transport material through very narrow gates. The wide tyres provide additional stability and power while going easy on the underlying surface.
Like all our other machines, the SHERPA 200 mini loader is made of high-quality parts. This attention to quality increases the articulated loaders’ reliability and service life. The SHERPA 200 is a versatile powerhouse that is perfect for all sorts of applications in all kinds of terrain. This particular model is used in road construction, to install fences, as well as on farms and in riding arenas.
The SHERPA 300 is an odd, stable and powerful machine. A multi-purpose machine!

For almost any machine and job, SHERPA mini loaders offers a wide range of attachments. Click on 'more information' for a comprehensive overview.

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