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Articulated loader Sherpa 200

SHERPA articulated loaders are built with components from the highest quality. This increases the reliability and lifespan of the mini loader. Our SHERPA articulated loaders are standard driven by 4 hydraulic Rexroth wheel engines allowing the drivetrain to be completely maintanance free.

FEATURES articulated loader

Characteristic features of a SHERPA articulated loader are the low bottom pressure, a small turning circle, a very good off-road performance and the fact that all heavy components of the articulated loader are mounted as far as possible at the back of the machine. In this way lifting capacity increases since the heavy components are used as counterbalance. Lifting capacity is extremely high for such a relatively small machine because of the smart design and construction. The smallest articulated loader is only 76 cm wid and weights only 899 kg.

USABILITY OF Articulated loaders

SHERPA Articulated loaders can be used in many different branches. Our SHERPA miniloaders are specially designed for heavy road construction and pavement work.  Animal farms and cultivators use our mini loaders for mucking out stables or other heavier jobs. Our company supplies over 50 different attachments! Every customer of a SHERPA articulated loader  can ask for a customer specific solution! New on the international market is the SHERPA 300 LPG. These specific articulated loaders on LPG are mainly used for demolition jobs or heavy work inside buildings.

At this moment the articulated loader Serie consists out of 5 machines: 

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