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Riding schools

Riding schools activities are time consuming and stress your back tremendously. The mini-loaders from SHERPA are the perfect partner for all your work. Due to its strength and compactness the SHERPA 100 can carry out all the activities which are standard on a riding school.  The SHERPA 100 cleans almost every stable because of its small turning radius and his width of only 76 cm. The low tire pressure makes sure that the  SHERPA 100 can easily drive over concrete grids and slats. Our newest invention, the SHERPA  100 ECO, produces almost no noise and no exhaust gases. With this machine the farmer can work quietly when mucking out stables or feeding annimals.

The SHERPA 100 is your ideal stableman and never shrinks back!  With a turning radius of only 1.25 meters and a dump height of 2 meters it can be brought into action in very small and low places. This four-wheel drive 76 cm wide mini-loader is a stand-on shovel. The freedom of movement and overview on the bucket are optimal.  Because of the simple controls everyone is able to work with the SHERPA 100.

Besides our three models with combustion engine we are proud to be the first manufacturer of mini-loaders with an electric motor.

Using The SHERPA 100 will increase your weekly costs with only tens of  Euros, but will also increase your productivity! On top of that it decreases the risk of physical inconveniences.


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