Sustainable innovation – introducing the SHERPA Z-series

4 August 2022

We believe in the power of machines to ease hard work. In all industries, including (road) construction and demolition, where many are physically pushed to their limits. To spare those professionals, we have spend the past decades developing an extended range of mini-loaders and fitting tools. Last year we introduced the revolutionary Z-series, consisting of several machines that exceed all expectations. In the spotlight today: the Z10 and Z20!

The revolutionary Z-series

At SHERPA mini-loaders we have one clear mission: to relieve and sustain hard physical work. To do so, we come up with innovative and often revolutionary solutions, with the Z-series being a prime example. A series in which we have combined all feedback, knowledge, and experience gained over the past years. The result: machines that meet any expectations or desires in terms of ergonomics, design, and user-friendliness.

In this article, we want to shed some extra light on two of the pioneering machines the Z-series have to offer: the Z10 and Z20. In our opinion, these machines are indispensable in a safe, efficient, and sustainable work environment. Read along to find out why.

The perfect team mate(s)

We are very proud to present the new Z10 and Z20. The icing on cake when it comes down to sustainable innovation: completely emission free and ergonomically optimized! On both machines the driver stands in a relaxed position from which he has all levers within hands-reach. In addition, both the Z10 and Z20 are equipped with an adjustable footplate, improved lifting arm and a parallel arm that keeps the load in a horizontal position. 

If you are in need of extra and long-lasting power, the Z20 will fit your needs. Because of its lithium battery, the Z20 is more powerful than its little brother. A lithium battery is maintenance-free, lighter, and more efficient than a lead acid battery. The Z20 therefore barely loses power when its battery is running out. In addition, lithium batteries have a longer lifespan and can be charged in between work shifts. If the battery is charged for one hour during lunch break, the machine can be used for an entire work day.

Safe, efficient, and sustainable

The past years we faced lots of challenges in our working areas. First we needed to work at a safe distance from one another, next we were dealing with extreme staff shortages. The Z10 and Z20 offer a way out: an extra pair of hands that take over hard work and carry it out safer, more efficient and sustainable, in the broadest sense of the word.

Both the Z10 and Z20 are completely emission free. These machines therefore do their work without any harmful effects on the environment. Moreover, these are quality products, designed to have a long live-span. And lastly, we paid extra attention to user comfort: thanks to the four wheel motors, these powerful machines are particularly low-maintenance. We are ready for the future, are you?

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