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Vacuum technology

Hanenberg Vacuum has a wide range of construction tools that work with vacuum technology. Hanenberg Vacuum develops, designs and builds vacuum systems that are tailored to the specific requirements and requirements of the customer. Through the decades of experience, Hanenberg Vacuum has accumulated a lot of vacuum knowledge, already implemented by many companies.

Our vacuum systems can be powered by a gasoline, diesel, hydraulic or electric (by means of batteries) depending on the application. All these systems work under the principle of "high vacuum".

The suction capacity of a suction cup can be calculated by: (L x B x 90% (= 0.9 negative pressure) with safety factor 3).

Vacuum system hydraulic / 12V electric powered

Suitable for mounting on top of or front of the SHERPA mini loaders for example for a curbstone lifter. Optionally, our vacuum sets can be adjusted with adjustments, also on other hydraulic machines.

Vacuum system powered by combustion engine

Because these vacuum systems drive themselves, they are suitable for various machines. Optionally, these vacuum sets can be performed with oil level monitoring by means of a claxon and lifting guard or a green - red lamp (sufficient - insufficient vacuum). The vacuum set mounted on a lift frame enables lifting with pallet forks. It is also possible to mount the vacuum set directly on a suction cup with adjustable plates, making it completely compact.

Flexible sizes of suction cups

Suction cups available in various sizes: (bend) curbstones, tiles 30 x 30 (4, 5, 6, 8 and 12), tiles 50 x 50, concrete plates etc.

Different sizes available in consultation.

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