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Paving has never been so easy!
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Paving is a particularly heavy and time-consuming task. Carrying and lifting all those rocks is extremely labour-intensive and often leads to physical complaints, like a painful back or damaged hands. Since we strongly believe in the use of machines to relieve physical work, we developed vacuum sets: to make paving more efficient, easy and fun!

Vacuum units

A vacuum unit is needed to assemble the suction cups to your machine, since this unit enables the cup to suck. SHERPA has developed, designed and built various vacuum units, which we can all tune to your specific needs and requirements. Our vacuum systems are, dependent on their application, powered by gasoline, diesel, hydraulic or electric.  All our systems work on the principle of “high vacuum”. 

Suction cups

SHERPA has developed vacuum sets and suctions cups for all kinds of applications. Think of suction cups for Stelcon plates, RWS curb stones and driveway blocks, meaning you do not have to carry these rocks yourself. We offer an extended range of construction tools that work with vacuum technology, but we also provide tailored solutions that meet all your requirements. The capacity of a suction cup is calculated by L X B x 90% ( = 0.9 negative pressure) with safety factor 3. 

Vacuum system hydraulic / 12V Electric powered

This vacuum system can be assembled on top or in front of the mini-loader, for example to use a curb stone lifter. If you would like to assemble this system on other hydraulic machines, we are able to adjust the system in such a way to make it fit your machine. 

Our standard Sucking cups
Vacuum system powered by combustion engine

Since this vacuum system drives itself, it’s suitable for various machines. If desired, we can equip these sets with an oil level and lifting guard monitor. A claxon will be heard when the oil level is too and when the vacuum is insufficient, a red light will burn instead of the usual green light. Assembling this vacuum set on a lift frame, enables lifting with pallet forks. it’s also possible to assemble the set directly on the suction cups, which keeps your machine more compact. 

Suction cup, for Stelcon® plates (1800)

Article: 01660
Size: 60cm x 115cm
Lifting capacity: max. 1800kg

Suction cup, sixfold

Used for lifting and placement of 4, 5, or 6 ‘30x30’ tiles simultaneously.

Article: 01685

Suction cup 350 x 450

Used for several concrete and gravel tiles.

Article: 01600
Size: 35cm x 45cm
Lifting capacity: 140kg

Suction cup 900x80, for curbstones

Excluding spacers.

Article: 01425
Size: 90cm x 8cm
Lifting capacity: 140kg

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