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The SHERPA 100 Petrol features all the features that make the SHERPA 100 Series so unique. Striking is the powerful and reliable Honda petrol engine of 21 hp, which causes the SHERPA 100 Petrol to be there during the most challenging work. Whether it's paving tires, dragging stumps, the SHERPA 100 Petrol does it without hesitation.

In addition, the SHERPA 100 is easy to transport on a trailer or in a van. There is no need for special transportation.

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Which attachment is best for you?
Bucket 111cm SH1
Bucket 85cm SH1
Bucket 76cm SH1
Volume bucket 85cm SH1
Volume bucket 76cm SH1
4-1 bucket 111cm SH1
4-1 Bucket 76cm SH1
Grapple bucket 111cm SH1
Grapple bucket 85cm SH1
Grapple bucket 76cm SH1
Hydraulic manure forks with clamp 85cm SH1
Hydraulic manure forks with clamp 76cm SH1
Hydraulic weed brush steel SH1
Hydraulic weed brush plastic SH1
Hydraulic weed brush steel/plastic SH1
Slab Bucket SH1
Pin Bucket SH1
Set Pallet forks SH1
Mechanical feed slider SH1
Hydraulic snow- / feed slider SH1
Trailer coupling SH1
Lifting arm SH1
Mast with electric winch SH1
Levelling framework SH1
Broom SH1
Roller broom SH1
Hydraulic earth drill SH1
Demolition hammer, GlobRam® RM45s SH1
Hydraulic trencher, Digga® SH1
Hydraulic slab- / curb clamp SH1
Hydraulic stone clamp SH1
Hydraulic clamp for rotating 90 degrees forwards SH1
Hydraulic log grab SH1
Hydraulic curbstone clamp HK0472
Hydraulic grass-tile clamp (4V)
Hydraulic grass-tile clamp (2x2)
Dumper SH1
Hydraulic concrete mixer SH1
Hydraulic curbstone/tilelifter SH1
Hydraulic mower deck SH1
Hydraulic curbstone clamp SH1
Mechanical levelling systems
Rotary Tiller SH1
Roller broom 111cm SH1
Roller broom 85cm SH1
Roller broom 76cm SH1
Carpet-remover SH1
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Sherpa 100 Petrol with selected attachments
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