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What are miniloaders?
miniloader sherpa

SHERPA mini loaders  are machines that can be equipped with on the one hand skid steering and on the other hand articulated steering. The word mini loader is a generic term for machines that can be used in difficult accessible spaces. A mini loader should therefore be not to heavy, narrow and easy to transport.

There are two different kind of SHERPA miniloaders. The first type is the model you’re standing on behind ( SHERPA 100 skid steer). The second type of minloaders are the SHERPA articulated loaders where you’re sitting on (machines till 1500 KG)

miniloader with tilt clamp
Characteristics miniloader

Characteristic features of a miniloader are the low bottom pressure, the compact dimensions, a very good off-road performance and the ease of operating the machine. Heavy components of the  miniloader should be mounted as far as possible at the back of the machine. In this way lifting capacity increases since the heavy components can be used as counterbalance.

Our SHERPA miniloaders are driven by 4 Rexroth wheel engines. The smallest machine is only 76 cm width and weights only 570 kg. This makes transport of the machines very easy. Our Dutch  miniloader is only  constructed with components from A-brands. Using quality components makes sure that wear and tear is reduced to a minimum.

Usability of miniloaders

Miniloaders are used in many different branches. Our SHERPA miniloaders are especially designed for heavy road construction and pavement work. Our company can supply over 50 different attachments. Therefore working in gardens or in stables is no problem at all. Every customer of a SHERPA  miniloader can add customer specific wishes on to the machine! SHERPA  miniloaders can therefore be deployed for many different tasks in small and narrow spaces.

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