PROUD – The new SHERPA Z20!

28 September 2022

We are proud to introduce our newest machine: the Z20! Part of the revolutionary SHERPA Z-series and a shining example of sustainable innovation. As powerful as any petrol or diesel model, but without any harmful emission. Ergonomically optimized and particularly maintenance friendly. The Z20 is an asset to any professional willing to work efficiently, safely and above all sustainably. Below you’ll read why.

We believe in the power of machines to relieve hard work. To reduce costs and to lower the increasing pressure caused by the tightening labour market. From that point of view, we combined all our knowledge, experience, and feedback gained over the past years into a new range. The SHERPA Z-series, with the Z20 as an absolute cherry on the cake.

Ergonomically perfected

Comfort and ergonomics go hand in hand. In addition, good posture allows the driver to focus better on operating the machine, which contributes to safe and efficient use. The Z20, just like the rest of the Z-series, is therefore ergonomically perfected. The driver always stands in a relaxed position, with the full control panel within hand reach.

The Z20 is also equipped with an adjustable footplate, ensuring extra driver comfort. We have also optimized the lifting and parallel arm, so the driver has a better view on the load. This also ensures the load to stay in horizontal position.

Powerful, without harmful emission

Equipped with a lithium-ion battery, the Z20 undoubtedly exceeds your expectations regarding power and sustainability. This machine is just as strong as any petrol or diesel model but has no harmful emission. In addition, a lithium-ion battery is maintenance-friendly and lighter than a lead-acid battery. Also, this battery doesn’t lose any power when it runs out and has a longer lifespan.

The Z20 can continuously work up to six hours. Do you work in shifts, for example with a lunch break in between? If you charge the machine for just one hour during such breaks, it can be used for a full workday.

Sustainable and maintenance friendly

The past years we have dealt with many challenges in the working area. First we needed to work at a safe distance, next we were facing extreme staff shortages. The Z20 offers a way out: an extra pair of hands to carry out heavy work in a more efficient, safe, and sustainable way, without any harmful effects on the environment. 

The Z20 is a quality product: its design is based on comfort and lifespan. We have therefore paid additional attention to user convenience. For example, the Z20 is equipped with four-wheel motors, making this machine particularly easy to look after.

Future ready

With this powerful and eco- and maintenance-friendly machine we are ready for the future. Are you as well? We are pleased to provide you with more information on the Z20. If you are interested, feel free to contact us.

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