Minishovels are miniloaders that are often carried out with a bevel control. A mini loader is often used for earthmoving or paving work. The knuckle control consists in principle of two parts. Thanks to the knuckle control they are very usable! In addition, our minisafels are powered by 4 hydraulic drive motors, which makes the drive line completely maintenance free.

The point of the mini-shovel is constructed by means of a ball bearing and a shuttle strip. This makes the shovel very stable. In order to change direction, a hydraulic steering cylinder is mounted on the mini shovel. the shovel changes direction if it is swiveled horizontally.

A minivore can take charge and move through a front-mounted lifting lever. Due to its compact dimensions, a SHERPA shovel is easily deployed in hard-to-reach areas. The narrowest version is only 76 cm wide. With a weight of 570 to 1500 kg, special transport is not required.FEATURES MINISHOVEL

Characteristic of a minisafel is the low ground pressure, arcuate roadway and the fact that the engine is located in the rear of the chassis. Heavy components of the mining shovel should be placed as far back as possible. This increases the lifting capacity. A mini-shovel can drive forwards and backwards. A diesel engine is usually chosen for the drive. The diesel engine of the minishovel again drives the hydromotors.

minishovel road construction



Minishovels are used in various sectors. For example, a minisafety can work extremely well in the road construction or the horticulture sector. In the street maker’s compartment, the machine is now indispensable in mechanical paving or mechanical rehabilitation. In addition, various farms use him to drive a pack of straw or fertilize stables. The large amount of different construction tools make minishovels multifunctional! Each potential customer can adapt the machine to his personal wishes.

Synonyms for the word minishovel include: Charging, wheel loader, cargo loader, mini loader and mini loader.


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